Different Apps for COVID-19 Underway

Differences between the Radar COVID apps and the COVID-19.EUS. We analyze what each one is for and how they work.

Different Apps for COVID-19 Underway

The Radar COVID app is already operational in the Basque Country. This application, developed by the Central Government, has already been integrated and Osakidetza ensures that it already allows us to receive an alert if we are in contact with a person who tests positive.

In Euskadi, we had another application, developed by the Basque Government, COVID-19.eus, to help in the prevention and detection of cases.

In principle, the two apps can coexist on our phones, but on "Boulevard Informativo" of Radio Euskadi, we clarify doubts with Juan Jose Unzilla, Ph.D. in Information and Communication Technologies from the UPV.

The COVID-19.eus was created in "late March-early April to facilitate self-diagnosis and interaction between confined peoples, while the Radar COVID app is a "tracking app" that aims to "record codes on our mobile of mobiles that have been more than 15 minute and less than 2 meters "of persons who have tested positive.

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