Huawei's New Devices to Overcome the Problem of the American Veto

The Chinese firm wants to increase its ecosystem of devices. In the future, it will offer all kinds of "gadgets"; from coffee makers to scales, toothbrushes, or speakers.


Huawei's New Devices to Overcome the Problem of the American Veto

Huawei is not going through its best year. The confrontation with the United States government and the veto to use Google services, in addition to practically all the applications that are used daily in Europe, have caused the sales of their mobile phones to have fallen in the Old Continent. Something that its biggest competitor of Chinese origin has managed to take advantage of Xiaomi, which is growing rapidly.

Faced with this perspective, Huawei has strongly opted for peripherals and for generating an ecosystem of its own and third-party devices. The new strategy of the Asian technology company is to rely on the incorporation of devices of all kinds to its brand, both its own and third parties, which will be sold in Huawei stores. We will have practically everything, from coffee makers, scales, toothbrushes, speakers, and a long etcetera. The idea is to create an ecosystem where your devices pair and share information at lightning speed, and with virtually no effort. Proof of this is the latest releases from Huawei, which expand and update their watches, headphones, and computers.

Probably the most striking product that we have been able to briefly test is the Freebuds Pro headphones, one of the best and most advanced True Wireless Stereo headphones on the market thanks to its dynamic and intelligent noise cancellation, which adapts to every situation and has such interesting features. such as letting certain sounds pass, or even voices on certain occasions. While the Freebuds did not have rubber, they did, being more comfortable to wear, especially when doing sports, giving better support to the ear. The flagship feature of the headphones is dynamic noise cancellation that adapts to external noise to block it out, without creating that hollow feeling that other noise-canceling headphones cause in the ear. Cancellation can let through some noises if we wish, such as a horn when we walk down the street, or voices that address us when we are in the office. Freebuds Pro brings three modes of noise cancellation, extreme, general, and cozy.

The other sports-specific headphones that Huawei just launched are the FreeLace Pro. These improve the audio quality with active noise cancellation, and a 24-hour battery and fast charge, or what is the same with 5 minutes of charge, offer 5 hours of playback. The design is similar to the previous model, with a collar, finished in silicone in three colors, black, green, and white, comfortable to wear during long hours of exercise, and safe from sweat. To get clear calls Huawei has incorporated three microphones to the headphones.

Watches and Laptops

The watch range is also updated, with the Watch GT 2 Pro and the new Watch Fit. The improved Watch GT 2 Pro is capable of recording new sports such as skiing or golf, with more than 100 training modes and more accurate heart rate recording, with a new sapphire crystal lens and oxygen saturation measurement in blood. Otherwise, we find the same design of the Watch GT 2what good results it has reaped. The new Watch Fit, which expands the range of Huawei watches by directly attacking Fitbit, stands out for its rectangular shape and 1.64-inch AMOLED HD screen, weighing only 34 grams and whose sole objective is to keep us active. To do this, it has a personal trainer on the watch itself with various exercises and 11 training modes for the most common sports sessions. Also, it shares with the Watch GT 2 Pro the heart rate sensor capable of registering the oxygen saturation in blood with precision.

The laptops are also renewed, Huawei MateBook 14 and MateBook X, two ultralights with Windows 10, whose difference is in the screen and the weight. The first with a 2k and 1.49 kg screen, while the second already has a 3k screen and only 1 kg of weight, improving Huawei's offer in the computer market.

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